Trump Played Them Like A Fiddle

As CNN’s John King said after Donald Trump made his 30 second speech…”He played us.”  Oh we will hear endless media outrage how Trump mistreated President Obama by asking for his actual birth certificate, they will find the air fizzled out of the balloon.  Trump used his stage with the media standing ready to pounce upon whatever he says over the latest issue, he and his staff pulled off the perfect squelch by Trump using the 35 minutes of TV air time as an info commercial.  (See his speech on my facebook page)  First he received major attention on the opening of his new hotel.   Then he paraded out a seemingly endless stream of military Medal of Honor winners and military supporters all giving him glowing support.   Anticipation building as the networks waited for what they thought would be a Trump endless rant at Hillary and Obama.  Instead, he comes out and thanks his supporters and issues a 15 second statement saying “Hillary’s campaign in 2008 started it and I finished it.  Barack Obama was born in America…period.”   Then referred back to the important issues of making America great again and walked off of the stage. Absolutely perfect.  It makes for a perfect brief sound bite the networks are going to find hard to ignore Friday.  Plus he throws in blame upon Hillary Clinton.  Although in the 2008 Hillary/Obama primary battle, Mrs. Clinton did not utter the words, her supporters did and it was put on line igniting the whole Obama birther issue.

The stage will now be set for endless media blistering attacks against Trump.  “He’s a liar.”   “Hillary didn’t start it.”   And on and on.  All the time wasted upon an issue that only Hillary supporters and Afro American’s care about (Trump won’t get much of the Black vote anyway) while Trump will go to his merry way  talking on issues that at present are the key to his winning the election. Independents, Mrs. Clinton is far behind with them, are not going to suddenly flee Trump over this old issue.  And, Hillary will waste important time fool hardy on this old issue.

One must truly congratulate campaign media advisor for Trump, Kellyann Conway for today and the last weeks of now putting Trump in a position to win.  Seeing the results, Trump now listens and trusts her.  She even got him to lower his voice.  If Trump wins, he ought to buy her ten Cadillac’s.

With his gains, States thought to be lost, Colorado, Nevada, Michigan and others are back in play.  He is almost a lock in Iowa now.  His Black American support is almost as high as Mitt Romney in 2012.   And, Nevada, heavily populated with Hispanics, shows the Republican Senator candidate, Joe Heck, winning Harry Reid’s old seat and Trump now in the lead.   Of note, Hispanics are typically hard workers.  The belief that Trump will create jobs has huge appeal.

So stand by for the barrage of anti Trump talk on the news networks of the birther issue and going after Trump.  It is “fools gold.”  It is not a winning issue and leaves Trump more time to keep hammering the critical issues of the day.  Trump repeatedly is hitting hard with speeches on so many important topics.  As for Hillary Clinton….aside for Trump bashing, does anyone really know what her campaign is about.   Jacksjargon has no clue.