Shocking Poll Just Out As of Late Wednesday

Fox Polls have been as accurate as all polls in the past.  With that said, Clinton supporters becoming more and more worried.  Especially considering her campaign has out spent Trump’s campaign 5 to 1.  So what do these results tell you?

Battle ground States of LIKELY voters (not merely registered voters) Nevada…Trump 43%  Hillary…40%… critical wavering North Carolina…Trump 45%  Hillary 40%.  In all important Ohio…Trump 42% Hillary 37%.   How come?  Enthusiasm.   Trump rallies draw normally about 10,000.  A good crowd for Hillary Clinton is about 250.  An NBC poll finds on honest and trustworthy…Trump 41%  Hillary 31%.  What is so shocking is the Clinton campaign has spent tons of money into those three States seemingly to no avail.  As for the all important Independent voters….Donald Trump has 20% more in all three of those States mentioned.  In order to win, Trump must win those three States plus Florida and one other State as yet unknown.  Third Party candidates are garnering 12% of the vote.  Likely to lessen at ballot box time.  Past surveys show those votes would hurt Mrs. Clinton more.

Says famed anti Trump columnist Charles Krauthammer….”The reason Hillary hasn’t seized a message is she has no message.  I like children and I will fight for children. What’s that?  The most banal message in political history.”

At present, nobody knows what will happen Nov. 8th.  But momentum is all on Donald Trump’s side.  However, all this can go in a flash with a weak performance on Monday nights debate.  The pressure on both candidates is enormous..   Not to mention the pressure on NBC moderator Lester Holt.  After Matt Lauer was beaten to a pulp in the media after his one hour questioning of both candidates.  Democrat’s were furious because Trump came off the likely winner.  Although Afro American, Holt is a registered Republican. Jacks jargon would hate being any of the three.  Heart attack city.

Donald Trump breaks all the molds of political history.  So where do we go after today? Two make or break items.  In the debates, it’s said Mrs. Clinton is cramming like mad, if she demonizes Trump and he is seen as normal…he wins.   But in the end, remember there are three debates, it likely will all boil down to Trump’s enthusiasm versus Hillary Clinton’s Democrat get out the vote ground game.  Things trending Trump.  But, his road to the needed 270 electoral votes much tougher than hers.

Care to guess?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Stand by for my review of what to look for in the debates on or my facebook page.