Good Grief…he may win!

Talk about walking back from the dead.  Donald Trump has staged an incredible come back.  By gosh…he just might win.  His appearance on Thursday’s Dr. Oz program was a major success in two ways.  1. His health is excellent except for being over weight at 236 lbs. The man is in incredibly good health with very good genes. Some leftist media types saying he is at 256 lbs. to 266 lbs. are conning you. 2. His daughter Ivanca appeared with him and is becoming a major attraction in her own right. Articulate, successful, mother of three, including an infant, and an outspoken advocate for women’s rights. Doesn’t hurt to be attractive too.  She was the one to persuade her father into his latest child care plan.  It can’t help but gain back some of the lost female votes.

However, the major news, verified in two polls, has Trump leading Hillary in all important Ohio by 4-6%.  He also leads by 2% in critical Florida. Keying in upon a major bell weather Florida county near Tampa that Obama won, Trump leads by over 13%.   And, gaining in States that the Clinton’s people had pulled their ads thought to be “In the bag.” They are not.  He leads in Nevada…gaining in Pennsylvania.  The momentum is obvious.   Plus these polls were taken before Mrs. Clinton’s disasterus  past weeks with the major stumble caught on tape.  Hillary hiding her pneumonia, true to form as her nature, has backfired adding to her untrustworthy numbers.  The most major danger of the blood clots leading to the brain put on the serious drug Coumadin still gets buried.  And don’t forget her five falls.  One causing a serious concussion.  Another a broken elbow.

All this while the Clinton campaign had been running ads 12 to 1 against Trump.   Plus, the polls also measure the enthusiasm aspect.  She 15% behind Trump in that category.  It’s not that Trump has been gaining that much, although he is gaining, it’s that her ratings keep falling. But, never under estimate the huge success of the Democrat get out the vote factor on election day.

Throw in what has become a theme taken up by Trump supporters of Hillary’s dumb remarks that half of Trump supports are deplorable racists, homophobiac’s, Islamic phobiac’s and whatever else she threw in…Trump supporters are selling deplorable supporter tee shirts by the  thousands. It has become a movement.  And, it’s based on one key factor.  Our Country wants CHANGE.

If all this isn’t bad enough for Democrat’s hoping to win the Senate, there is more bad news.  There appears, in conjunction with Trump’s growing appeal, a dimming hope they will take over the Senate according to Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin.  Who is flat out worried.  Twenty four Republicans Senators, half running in blue States, are more than holding their own. Only ten Democrat Senators are running for reelection.  They need a net pick up of five seats should Trump win.

So now we approach the first, and most major, debate.  Monday Sept. 26th hosted by NBC’s Lester Holt.  With Hillary’s thirty year career in politics, she is expected to outshine Trump.  She must obviously clearly win.  Trump, most believe, merely must appear competent, not temperamental (most believe she will try to make him angry) and act Presidential.  Some have said if Trump just stands there and reads the phone book he will appear strong.  All of which brings me to Woody Allen’s old line…”90% of success in life is just showing up.”   Nah…he must do more than that…much more.