Hillary: A Medical Basket Case

Oh it’s just mild pneumonia…she’s fine…everything is going to be hunkey dory.  Nonsense.   Hillary Clinton’ medical history and current condition is such that none other than hardened Dem. pundit Cokie Robert’s says behind the scenes plans are being made as to who might succeed her if she’s forced to drop out of the race.  VP Joe Biden is being talked about.  However, it may be impossible in such a shortage of time.  VP Candidate Tim Kaine is more likely in this unlikely event.

Dr. Kelly Powers, surgeon at Stamford Hospital says Hillary’s Deep Venous Thrombosis is far more worrisome even if Clinton’s people are telling the truth after she virtually collapsed Sunday from pneumonia. The truth seldom comes from the Clinton’s.  This is a blood clot that can lead to terrible consequences including life threatening. A clot can form and be released into the body most anytime.  Once is concerning.  Hillary has had it three times.   She is on a serious  blood thinner drug coumadin.  Doctors will not disclose a patients condition without permission.   Hillary will never grant it..  The voters of America have a right to know the health condition of both Presidential candidates.

In chronological order here’s Hillary’s medical happenings:  2005 faints before a speech. 2009 she falls down and breaks her elbow.  2011 falls bording an airplane. 2012 falls again this time causing a concussion delaying her Benghazi testimony.  2013 suddenly wearing heavy thick glasses due to dizziness and vision problems. February 2016 falls walking up stairs.  During the last two weeks two major uncontrolled coughing spells likely due to her worsening lung condition.  Sunday at the 9/11 ceremony she leaves early.   Virtually collapsing, appearing to be incapable of entering her sports vehicle while having to wait 10-15 minutes because of the suddenness of her circumstances.  Three people, secret service people, lift her onto the vehicle.

Now we’re supposed to believe this scandal ridden woman is ready to be elected to the Presidency of the United States?   When a baseball player, or any major athlete is traded to a different team, they must undergo a complete physical.  Instead we will get carefully worded medical statements from the Clinton’s doctor who Hillary controls in her hip pocket.

ABC’s John Karl reports not revealing Mrs. Clinton’s diagnosed pneumonia on Friday was “borderline deception.”   Supposedly she was “over heated” Sunday on a beautiful day of low humidity and temperatures in the low 80’s.  Then three hours later she makes an appearance in front of her daughters apartment building trying to confirm to all that she is perfectly fine.  This makes jacks jargon skeptical of a so called recovery this fast.  Pneumonia?  Perhaps.  And perhaps not.  Who knows with the Clinton’s.  Could it be she was pumped up with something to make her seem back to normal?   Nothing would be a surprise.

It might be worth considering Hillary Clinton might be having minnie strokes known as TIA’s for Transient Ischemic Attacks.  This is when someone loses consciousness for as little as 30 seconds to several minutes.  They have no memory of what happened.  Suffer no debilitating effects.  Bounce back quickly and often have a serious stroke in the offing.  It’s conceivable this could account for her numerous falls.

Donald Trump is readying a full disclosure of his medical records and dwelling on Hillary’s miserable condemnation of “about half his supporters.  And “The Donald” finally keeping his mouth shut about Hillary’s latest health problem wishing her a speedy recovery.  Hillary was scheduled for a California fund raising trip Tuesday and Wednesday.  No matter how ill she is Hillary will find a way to be back on her feet by Thursday.  She has to convince the voting public she is perfectly fine.   Only she isn’t.   And, in two weeks she is going to debate Donald Trump in the most important moment of her political life.  One can only guess what she will be pumped up with to make it through a ninety minute debate.

Think what you wish.  Love her or hate her.   And let’s not forget her corruption leading to exposing our nations most important secrets to the world.  HILLARY CLINTON IS NOT FIT MENTALLY OR PHYSICALLY TO BECOME PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.