Chappaquiddick: Sleaze Ball Kennedy

A film just released, based upon the actual documented records, Chappaquiddick, recounts the incredible story of a Kennedy who was terribly weak and a coward.

For those who were not of age for 1969, this is the story of how Senator Edward Theodore “Ted” Kennedy managed to escape justice after he drove his car into a lake leaving his lady behind while he swam to safety and failed to report a crime for eleven hours.  Mary Jo Kopechne drowned trying to save herself by gasping for air in the top of the tipped over auto.  Meanwhile the misnamed so called “Lyon of the Senate” was haunted by the fact this may cost him the Presidency.  Not haunted by the death of this lovely lady.  A favorite moment is when he went to his father, famed Joe Kennedy, looking for sympathy and direction.  His father, in a wheel chair totally disabled from a stroke that killed him three months later, looked at his son and picked up his hand and WHAM, slapped his son hard across his face.  It was the Kennedy name, connections and strategy that save this loser from manslaughter.

Some Democrat’s, such as former Connecticut Senator, Christopher Dodd, did all they could to stop the production of this absolutely true story.  No Hollywood leading man would take the Kennedy role out of deference either to the deceased “Teddy”, or for the Kennedy name or the Democrat Party.  But it was still done very well getting predominantly good reviews.  Rotten (the best movie reviewing website one can find) gave a hearty 80% favorable.

The story best told by the reviews from four of the best movie critics in America. First, Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times…”Chappaquiddick reminds us that without the Kennedy name and influence the man who drove off a bridge , swam to shore and left a woman to die, and then hiding and in a defense mode should have gone to jail a long time.”

Johnny Oleksinski, New York Post…”Camelot it is not. And as this movie suggests , the American people fall for polished BS every time.”

Kenneth Turan, L.A. Times…”Story of a weak man”  Not particularly appealing individual whose actions frustrated rather than draw us in.”

Stephen Schaeffer, Boston Herald…”Detailed, precise and gut wrenching.”

Ted Kennedy’s older three brothers, promiscuous as they were, were men of courage.  The oldest, Joe, (his fathers pick to become President) was killed piloting a fighter plane during W.W. II.  John (known as Jack) Kennedy, who became  President, against his wishes, was a hero manning a boat and saving crew members. And, Bobbie, smart as he was, a family care taker after his President brother was killed, it seems to jacksjargon simply would not let this disaster happen.

The film is worth seeing.  It’s history done well.  The only good that came out of this was Ted Kennedy never could become President.   The media onslaught never stops against President Trump who is a workaholic and the country is doing well. But, they never wanted to make a big deal out of clear manslaughter case with this sleaze ball who should have received ten years in prison.  The Beat goes on.