Trump Forced Out?

First things first.  Firing Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel would be useless.  Jacksjargon eats some crow on that one.  He’d be replaced with someone no better.  If anyone should be fired, it would be Deputy Attorney General Rosenstine.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions is useless.  Just what does he do all day? Rearrange his desk and paper clips?  Rosenstine is the one who gave the go ahead for the Special Counsel even with no crime to investigate. Merely Democrat pressure.  Special Counsels are appointed to investigate a crime.

The uncalled for raid on President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, is huge. Make no mistake.  It’s not to get Cohen.  It’s all about finding a way to get rid of President Trump.  And apparently they found something of substance.  Mueller’s all Democrat staff of lawyers dug up something (likely something in Trump’s past) that was substantial enough to pass on to the courts system.  Whatever it is could be President Trump’s downfall.  Cohen made things worse by recording many conversations.  As jacksjargon has often referred to in past posts, one does not become a billionaire, especially in New York, without doing what is needed to take care of matters with mayor’s, politicians, unions, contractors, governor’s and  maybe even the mob.  The courts have whatever it is and the Trump camp can’t even review the findings before proceedings have advanced with a thorough review. It could take months.   Would not surprise anyone if they released findings just before the November election this fall.

So all of this begs the question what happens to the President when presumably law breaking is revealed.  Here it gets complicated.  As in the past, our Founding Fathers set up impeachment in the House of Representatives by majority vote.  Then to convict and remove the President from office it requires 67 votes to convict in the Senate.  A President, it is believed, cannot be indicted while in office. Charges would come after he is out of office.  But, there are always revisionists who want to stretch our constitution.  Brain storming is in process and perhaps an exception can be found. They are looking for some basis to avoid the impeachment process.  If so, it is possible, maybe likely, be decided by the Supreme Court and that would possibly begin the first Monday in October, 2018.  They want Trump gone yesterday.  Constitutional scholars are working over time on this issue.  Democrats want to avoid the impeachment/conviction at all costs. And here is why.

Unless the charge, or charges, are clearly established, totally substantiated, and are significant enough, Republicans will not vote to convict President Trump.  Making matters even more difficult, it is highly likely the GOP will increase their margin in the Senate this November.  At present they have 51. Democrats will be defending 26 Senate seats while Republicans only eight seats.  Plus, many Democrat Senators are in big trouble.   It is why, on occasion, you see one pop up on Fox News.  Anything to make them seem not as radical as their Party is or as radical as they have become in having to follow Sen. Chuck Schumer’s  agenda. West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has become a regular on Fox News trying to appear a non Democrat.  With House minority leader Nancy Pelosi commercials running often, it will not help Democrats.

At this time it appears the Democrats will win back control of the House of the Representatives. Even though polls show their margin of winning the House getting smaller, it is still likely.  They only have to win back 24 seats.  After a Presidential election the Party out of power always gains many seats.  Obama lost 52.  W. Bush lost 30.  And Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades cost him to lose 63 House seats.   The Democrats will be fired up to vote this fall.  Republicans not so.  They are still smarting from Trump signing that 1.3 trillion dollar budget bill.  Enthusiasm will not be the Republicans strong suit.

Look at it this way.  Unless forces against President Trump can find a way around not indicting a President in office, they are stuck with him.  With no conviction in the Senate, Trump can run again in 2020.  His poll numbers growing and his accomplishments gaining favor, he could very well win reelection.  A true Democrat nightmare.   Plus, what will they run on besides more giveaway programs and Trump is bad?  Let’s bring back ISIS?  The constitution is terrible and needs to be fixed?  God is not real?  There are no genders?  Illegals over veterans?  No borders for America?  More illegal aliens from anywhere in the world?  They shall try to hide all of what just mentioned by promising anything and everything that 90% of Americans don’t believe in.  More illegals=more Democrat voters.

There is one major caveat to this entire scenario.  The are many Republican Senators who do not like and want no part of President Trump.  It is possible if charges (crimes) are clear and substantial, there might be enough of them to join the Democrats and vote for conviction in the Senate.  If a trial was held before the Senate changes in the January swearing in, with 49 Democrat Senators they would need 18 Republican Senators to vote for conviction.  It is conceivable.  Vice President Mike Pence would become President. Pence would be much more favorable to many Republican Senators.

If you are only a casual observer of political news, then place your interest on what comes from the wealth of papers and tapes seized in the raid of President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen.   It’s not about getting Cohen.  It is always about getting rid of President Trump.  For sixteen months the media has made a fool of themselves with the Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense.   Found nothing.  So now the “Let’s Get Trump” derangement syndrome is in the courts with documents.

The strength of what is found in the seized Cohen documents is likely to determine President Trump’s fate.  American history and “As the World Turns” is at stake.