Fire the Special Counsel Now!

Jacksjargon has been supporting firing the Special Counsel for many months.  Reason being a Special Counsel is formed to investigate a crime.  There was no crime.  An assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave in to Democrat requests because there were erroneous charges of some kind of collusion between the Trump administrators and the Russians.  By the way, collusion is not a crime.  After a year the Special Counsel found nothing.  So Monday that Counsel went in and took records from President Trump’s private attorney, Michael Cohen,  to continue to look for a crime.  This is a sham.  Armed with all Hillary Clinton attorneys, Robert Mueller’s team will do anything to find something impeachable on President Trump.  What happened to the big investigation of Russian involvement?

This is outrageous.   Here the President is attempting to decide what tactic’s to use against Syria for killing his men, women and children using gas and he has to put up with the distraction of this Special Counsel digging to find anything on the President.  If you researched  the archives of you will find fire the Special Counsel months ago was a major topic.  With a coterie of leftist lawyers, it was always obvious this Counsels purpose was “to get” Trump at all costs.  But, his advisors told him to let them dig because they will find nothing and exonerate him.  What they should have realized is the Special Counsel had motives far greater than merely finding Russian collusion.   It was obvious.  They should be investigating Hillary Clinton for all the charges levied at her by then FBI director  James Comey.  That’s where the real crimes are to be found.

Firing the Special Counsel may get complicated.  Very complicated.  As in earlier posts, only the Justice Dept. can fire the Special Counsel.  The man who created it, Rod Rosenstein, likely won’t do it.  So he should be fired.  If Attorney General Jeff Session hadn’t made a mess of everything by recusing himself  in the nonsensical  Russian investigation, he could fire the Special Counsel.  Jacksjargon feels strongly that this Counsel is no longer looking for Russian collusion.  Sessions should non recuse himself  because circumstances are entirely different.  It is no longer about Russia Russia Russia.  It is about getting his Commander in Chief.  But, Sessions has shown no strong decisiveness. Lack of back bone. Likely he will not non recuse himself.  So the Trump Administration needs to go down a list of justice officials who will finally find one with the back bone to do what should have been done months ago.

The “Swamp” moves ahead.  With the economy soaring, many bonus’ paid to laborers, wages higher, companies coming back to America, ISIS gone, the public never hears any good news.  For example, during eight years of President Obama the business of America shown by the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) averaged 1,5%.   In less than a year, Trump has grown it to 3% 4th quarter last year.  The media does nothing but come up with more personal attacks and never the good that is going on.  And remember the famed words of Winston Churchill…”The greatest argument against democracy is a five minute talk with the average voter.” The average voter hears nothing good.

Jacksjargon again is steadfast.  Fire the Special before they attempt to fire you Mr. President.  That’s what they have always wanted.  And bomb the hell out of Syria’s air force and try and take out what remains of Assad’s forces.  Do it Mr. President!

And you know what?   Jacksjargon believes he will.  Stand by.  Sometimes Trump’s instincts are better than his advisors.  He wanted to fire these guys months ago.  Stand by for big time fireworks.