Media “Over the top” on Trump

“I absolutely disagree with this sanitization of history.” Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.  Today workers in Washington D.C. were seen scraping off red paint thrown onto the historic statue of a seated Abraham Lincoln.  Perpetrators demonstrating their ignorance that it was Lincoln who freed the slaves. Witnesses at the Charlettesville  demonstration eruption identified a man dressed in Nazis attire as one who was a known Obama supporter a mere 12 months ago.  A total about face in 12 months?  Baloney.

There is no question President Trump took a story vanishing in the news and turned it into one of the all time media feast’s to destroy his Presidency.  Few knew, and likely still don’t know, thanks to the same bombastic Trump that North Korea blinked and pulled back on their threat of missiles at or around Guam. Technically the President is correct, there were armed disruptors on both sides at that Virginia rally.   But, when one element is Nazis and militarized nationalist’s, he was playing with fire.  And with his never ending combativeness he made it into an overwhelming piece of “red meat” for the media and Trump haters.  He has taken a somewhat small flame and turned it into a raging bonfire.  He has given Afro American’s, Progressives who dislike their Country and think it needs an overhaul such as Obama wanted to do a huge boost.  There is no question we do not have just Progressives, but anarchists and communists feeling justified in doing any vigilante destruction they wish.  Here it comes.   As the song says “The Heat is On.”

However, these destroy America hopefuls have a problem.  Right now they feel the wind at their back.  But what rang true with millions of American’s was when President Trump said…”What next?  Are we going to tear down statues of Thomas Jefferson and Georg Washington.  They had slaves.”  There is a confrontation coming.  And it won’t be pretty for the America haters who will never be satisfied. The paint thrown onto the Abraham Lincoln statue yesterday is a sign of what is coming.  The vast majority of American’s will never tolerate destruction of statues of our Founding Fathers.  Massive pressure will be put on politicians.  This intolerance is going to stop.   Charlottesville will pass.  But, never the Founding Fathers.   Millions upon millions, including Afro American’s, Asian’s, Indian’s and many of those who legally came here know it was these brilliant men who gave us the highest standard of living the world has ever known.   A high percentage of our poor, who know how to “work the system” would be middle class in many many country’s.

The media and these ignorant and/or ideologues will face a dilemma.  The media shall be forced to cover attempts to destroy our nations history.  And when that happens, President Trump will be loud and clear as always telling American’s he will not let that happen.  A huge majority of American’s can flip easily.  Especially on this issue.  Many back Trump over this issue right now.  There shall be no destruction of the key remnants of our nations past.  The Governor of Kentucky will have lots and lots of company.

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