Prez Trump vs the Nazi’s

By golly…enough is enough.  Has anyone forgotten seeing American’s jumping to their deaths from the 9/11 twin towers rather than be burned to death.  The body’s thumping when hitting the ground time after time. Thousands died. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan using a semi automatic gun to murder 12 soldiers and wound 30 others while yelling Allahu Akbar (God is great) at Fort Hood November 2009.  And a myriad of other terrorist attacks with President Obama and his administration never uttering it was done by Radical Islamic Terrorists.  Never.  Excuses and delays in even mentioning Major Hasan as a Muslim terrorist.  Many other similar events.  The media had a problem “telling it like it really is.”

2014 African American’s looting, setting fire to police cars destroying buildings in Ferguson, Missouri even after African American’s who witnessed the shooting issue of a Black man stated the policeman’s story was accurate.  And, yet the media never corrected the African American’s phony “hands in the air” false narrative.

Baltimore 2015 riots again.  Same old story.  Did President Obama ever attempt to condemn these actions.   No, in fact he was one who quickly jumped to false conclusions before knowing the facts.  Remember that silly “Beer Summit” after he messed up again jumping to a false conclusion on another Black/White incident.  He and the media ignored matters and looked for false justifications for inaccurate statements.

Violence on college campus’ preventing other points of view to be spoken has become common place.   Comedian Jerry Seinfeld refuses to play colleges anymore because of this over the top ” political correctness.”

This dear readers IS the “other side” President Trump mentioned yesterday while condemning the riot in Charlottesville, VA.  The President made a strong statement Saturday making it clear he condemns these actions pleading for American’s to care about each other.  But, instead he has wrongly become the story of Charlotte because he did not blame directly the Neo-Nazi’s involved.

For the lifetime of this writer and ex news reporter, yours truly always knew the headline in a story such as this is…If it bleeds it leads.  Not here though.  The Trump hating media makes President Trump the story instead of what makes these nutcases tick.   Who are they?   How does this come about?  Why did two police officers suddenly crash in their helicopter while covering this story.   That’s the story.  Not President Trump.

Elsewhere, former Obama administration people such as Susan Rice and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria are suggesting to just forget about North Korea.  Merely accept their nuclear program as America has done before.  It’s their thinking that has created this North Korea threat along with Communist China.  What they never say, or wish to ignore and just criticize, is North Korea led by their nutcase leader Kim Jung Un, has openly said and threatened nuclear weapons from their country can now destroy the West Coast of America and perhaps as far as Chicago or further.  They seek to blackmail the USA into yielding to them in future endeavors.  Appeasement simply does not work as WWII proved.  The North Korean leader is a bully. Nobody has ever stood up to him before.  Confronted, bullies back down.

Of note, and this should not be ignored, China has said if North Korea fires first they will not back the North Koreans.  That is a deal breaker more than likely for N. Korea.  They are blowhards used to firing from the hip with no response.   President Trump and his military leaders realize the best way to stop it is to “stand up to them”   It is why Trump has made this clear often.   Kim Jung Un is a nutcase, but even he still wants to live on.  However, often rumored, China may very well assassinate him for a less volatile leader if they can.  They are the ones who played the major part in creating this mess.  Trust me.  The Chinese are working on the fore mentioned.   If they get him, we can drag out the old Jackie Gleason line…”How sweet it is.”

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