Trump’s a Liar…Lies, Lies, Lies.

Yes, President Trump is a huge liar.  The biggest liar since….well since President Obama.  That was the subject during the first half hour of Morning Joe on MSNBC Wednesday.  Why does jacksjargon subject himself to this type reporting?  The vast majority of those interested in politics want to watch or listen to matters that merely reinforce their own views.  This ignorance is what, in part, responsible for the horrendous partisanship that exists in our Country today.  It is just plain awful.  Long ago it was obvious to this journalist that no side is right or wrong on everything.   No one person is right or wrong on everything.  The print and broadcast media regularly attempt to convince any and all otherwise.

It must have come as a major shock to MSNBC viewers what liberal TV icon, Tom Brokaw said recently.   “I visited Powell, Wyoming recently.  A classic small town with a small college and a prosperous farm community that voted 70% for Donald Trump.  Now my guess is about 69.9% are still for President Trump and they blame us.  They say you guys are all in the hands of the Democrat Party—a cabal against this President who have no connection between what we do and how we live our lives.  AND THEY ARE NOT WRONG (said Brokaw) because they look at these shows that are doing commentary and analysis and they don’t see anybody that looks like them or lives their lives like they do.”

If one follows ALL the networks, except one, and the print media you would have no clue as to what President Trump has done in just six months.  Just released, during the second quarter 2017 our Gross Domestic Product is up to 2.6%.  Obama never got over 1% in eight years.  Polls show consumer confidence is at an all time high.  Four trillion dollars more has been added to business.  One million new jobs have been added.  Second quarter new jobs created estimated at 179,000.  The total came in at 230,000.  Wages are up.  We now have the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years.  ISIS almost crushed.  Our Mexican border is almost secure.  Over a 70% reduction of illegals crossing our border. Energy sources grown at a rate where we can sell oil to other country’s.  Huge new billion dollar plant beginning in Wisconsin.  A new coal mine in Kentucky.  None added in decades.  The State Dept. is cleaning house.

And yet the media harps away on and on about matters inconsequential to the fore mentioned.  Trivial issues that are long gone the next week.  It sounds like Trump is the worst thing for America since Benedict Arnold.  Lies?  Have we forgotten “If you like your doctor you can keep him.  If you like your plan, you can keep it.”  He knew at that time it wasn’t going to happen.  Susan Rice on all the Sunday morning political shows trying to convince us of their contrived nonsense Benghazi came about from a video in the USA.   Hillary had already told her daughter it was a direct attack.  Same to a foreign leader.  Then meets the relatives on the tarmac and tells them it was a video. Outrageous.  A mountain of lies and unethical (overwhelmingly illegal) methods of Hillary Clinton as her aides smash cell phones, computers and wipes clean 33,000 emails.  Her husband meets with the Attorney General in what was supposed to be a secret meeting in an airplane. These are issues that do matter.  Former FBI director James Comey obeys Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s directive.  Call it “a matter”  Not an investigation. He obeys.  Anybody notice the Clinton Foundation contributions are now in the tank?

Sen. John McCain wanting to believe he can go back to the old days when Parties would make compromises.  A delusion.  There is absolutely no way the Democrats would negotiate in good faith with anything that might benefit President Trump.

So keeping listening and watching my faithful followers. takes everything with skepticism sometimes finding hilarity in the goings on.  Keep watch on the imbalance of the Special Counsel.  It’s the Democrat’s last gasp to rid Trump.  And, their digging back unending years ago, they are bound to find something.   In business, especially in New York city, unions and all, no telling what the President had to do to stay in business success.  More on the Special Counsel coming.

But, never forget the truth in Powell, Wyoming.

Stay tuned to on the Special Counsel and its plight.