Down…but far from out.

While many media pundits said Hillary won the first debate easily many of “the folks” disagreed.  Time magazine’s poll has Trump winning 55%-45%.  However CNN’s poll had Hillary winning 67% to 27%.  But, CNN did admit they polled more Democrat’s. Frankly saw it as a win for Hillary.  She was far better prepared, had Trump on the defensive most of the time.  Her massive preparation and experience caused her to shine.  While Trump tried to answer questions, many unimportant dragged up from the past, he never took advantage of pivoting onto Mrs. Clinton’s problems.  One note for Trump, he won the first half hour virtually all agreed upon. The first half hour is the most important.

Many Trump supporters likely woke up feeling down for their man this morning.  Don’t be.  Why?  First debate results fade quickly in voters minds.  The final debate right before the election is a key.  Trump is a quick study who will be better prepared next debate Oct. 9th.  Lester Holt won’t be the moderator.  In the beginning he was fair, but his questions later were on issues the public has little interest such as the birther matter, his tax returns, (polls show the public doesn’t care.  Dem.’s merely want it to find something to exploit as they did to Mitt Romney).   Holt asked Mrs. Clinton nothing on her illegal server in her home…lies to the public and FBI…her wish to add thousands of Syrian refugees…Benghazi and her Libya disaster….the Scandals of the Clinton Foundation…foreign policy blunders…Obamacare…women suffering in Countries her foundation took in millions from.  Trump’s mistake was not bringing these matters up or pivoting to these matters.   He tried to answers some questions forty years old.     The birther issue?   Tax returns?   Forty year old discrimination suit with no final decision?    These are nothing issues compared to what Hillary should have been asked to answer.  Releasing top classified emails, now known even including Obama, endangering our national security.  From peanuts to cashews issues.  Was Lester Holt trying to make up for Matt Lauer?  Looked like it

Next up Oct. 9th will be a town hall debate with questions coming from the audience. This will be far more difficult for Mrs. Clinton.  And, Trump, having experienced his first debate and this town hall format will likely hit her vulnerabilities much more In the open.  Hillary, without her pre rehearsed arsenal, will not be in control as she wishes per last night.  Shown obviously by never having a real press conference or merely getting soft ball questions from adoring reporters.

Then the all important final debate hosted by Fox News Chris Wallace Oct. 19th opposite no NFL action. Rest assured, just as his famous father Mike Wallace, Wallace will won’t be gun shy.  No doubt tough direct questions, far different from Lester Holt, are already formulating in his mind after what he saw obviously missed last night.  By this time Monday nights debate is ancient history and the final debate will be most prominent in the voters mines.

Give Hillary credit for the first debate.   But, Romney clobbered Obama in their first debate…then stumbled…Reagan lost his first debate badly…then beat Walter Mondale in 49 of 50 States.  Plus, Trump’s TV ads are finally running in key States after being pummeled 145 million dollars to none for months.   Then, and only then, will the voters have a more complete picture of who they are voting for.   The ending of a fair fight.

If you listen to new post debate polls, listen for any losses to Trump from college educated people and woman.   But, even if there is a loss, Trump made no glaring mistake Monday night disqualifying himself.  I still like his chances because this election is about change.  And that is not Hillary’s strong suit.  A relic of the past.