Trump: From winner to loser in six hours.

Just when one thinks Trump’s candidacy is rolling he shoots himself in the foot yet again.  After an excellent, and risky, Presidential type performance with the Mexican President during the day, he returns at night to deliver a fiery immigration speech that sets back his campaign.  What on earth was he thinking?  Was he getting cocky because his poll numbers have been soaring against Hillary?   Cocky because of his obvious success with the President of Mexico?  Jacksjargon would love to know when Wednesday nights speech was written.   At an hour and 15 minutes, it was thirty minutes too long.  It was a speech easily seen by undecided voters as an anti Hispanic message just as much as it pleased voters who were already going to vote for him.  In Wednesday nights speech Trump had an opportunity to reach the all important college educated White female voters he desperately needs due to his lack of minority support.  Plus more Independents he is attracting.  He failed.  What he spoke about was worthy, but sensibly needless.  The two main issues to Americans in all polls is the economy and terrorism.  Immigration is far down the list.  He missed a key opportunity that MAY cost him the Presidency.

It’s MAY cost him only because Hillary Clinton is the all time worst Democrat candidate.  In addition to every sort of obvious lie and corruption charge, it now has been found Hillary was still sending classified emails AFTER she was Secretary of State.  As a mere private citizen.  One who feels she is above the law and can hide to run out the clock on getting elected on Nov. 8th.   Trump had just about tied her in the national polls and pulled a slight lead in several key battleground States.  Her unfavorable ratings are now just as high as Trump’s.  She is either too lazy to campaign hard, possibly in weakened health or simply wants to avoid at all costs having to answer anymore questions about her never ending scandals.   And that is Trump’s saving grace.

Thursday Trump did what was best for him.  A much welcoming crowd to the American Legion in Cincinnati and off to another speech later in the day..  One outstanding trait that serves “The Donald” well is his amazing energy.  At 69 years of age, the man is amazing.  Either running a fumes or that is simply what he is like that made him successful.  He just never stops.

So now we wait for another round of polls to see if his momentum was thwarted due to his worthless immigration speech Wednesday night.  Or does one mess after another keep Mrs. Clinton in her downward spiral.  Two candidates so unpopular that the two other candidates, Libertarian ex Gov. Gary Johnson and Green Party (socialist) candidate Jill Stein could actually impact the election.  If they are a factor, Trump will luck out because they take more votes away from Hillary.

It may all boil down to the debates beginning Sept. 28th.  Hillary cramming her wonk books full of knowledge that may hurt much as help her.  And, Trump doing minimal prep preferring to “wing it” as usual.  That’s who he is.  Plus, there is still a realistic chance WikiLeaks will deliver a disaster expose’ of Hillary corruption from her hidden emails likely hacked from her unprotected server.  Dem.’s pooh pooh it, but are actually worried.   If those leaks could get the head of the Democrat Party fired along with two others on a secure server, one can only imagine what an October surprise it might be. Who knows?   It might force Hillary to actually answer tough questions publicly.  A campaign first.